Where Fearless Meets Funny!
It's spontaneous, it's outrageous; it's fun, funny and fabulous - there is literally something for everyone at the Toronto International BuskerFest for Epilepsy. The festival features spectacular circus artistry, non-verbal shows that can be understood by all, and one-of-a-kind entertainment that will have you questioning your very eyes. Music, magic and mime; feats of the impossible, and the ridiculous performed by comedians, fire jugglers, acrobats, aerial artists, clowns, daredevils, beat boxers and much more. Four days of non-stop, action-packed fun!

What many spectators don't realize is that this world class festival not only supports a local charitable organization, Epilepsy Toronto, it is actually organized and run by us as our largest fund raiser of the year. "We wanted to create a unique and memorable experience that brought epilepsy out of the shadows and into the public eye; an entertainment extravaganza that supports a greater purpose in aid of people with epilepsy and their families," says Geoff Bobb, Executive Director of Epilepsy Toronto. "One in every 100 Canadians experiences some form of epilepsy and this amazing festival is the single-largest fundraiser for Epilepsy Toronto and the largest epilepsy event in the universe!”

BuskerFest was established in 1999 by Epilepsy Toronto as a way to partner entertainment, business, and charity. The idea was to create a vibrant new festival experience for Toronto that would entertain all who attended while at the same time raise funds for and public awareness of epilepsy.

Epilepsy is the world’s most common neurological disorder, affecting over 40,000 individuals in Toronto. If you know 100 people, then you know someone with epilepsy. Epilepsy Toronto has been committed to bettering the lives of each of those people through support groups, programs, employment support, counselling and advocacy for over 50 years.

Epilepsy Toronto believes that being an active member of the epilepsy community, receiving vital support and connecting with others who are going through similar experiences helps manage the challenges of living with epilepsy. The Epilepsy Toronto team are dedicated to the promotion of independence and optimal quality of life for all people with epilepsy and their families. Find out more about epilepsy and how you can make a difference by visiting:

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