Performer Lineup

We will be announcing the 2023 Performer lineup soon!

Performance Schedule

Do you have a favourite performer? Check out our daily performance schedules* below so you don’t miss a show – COMING SOON!

Friday, September 1st

Saturday, September 2nd

Sunday, September 3rd

Monday, September 4th

*All schedules are subject to change. Keep checking back for updates.

Circle Act

ALAKAZAM’s new alter ego “TENNIS THE MENACE” is sure to cause a real Racket! Featuring daredevil Tennis stunts, electrifying contortion and juggling tricks, audacious comedy and a foreign accent! 

“It’s John McEnroe meets Machine Gun Kelly!” – Random Audience Member

Art by ALUNA

Painting with intention, Aluna wishes to share the transformational & exciting experience of body art with you – a grounding and uplifting feeling of becoming your enchanted self – whatever you wish that to be.

Artists' Play
Circle Show & Workshops

Providing interactive circus lessons for children during the event. Artists’ Play loves to share our love of being in the air, spinning, and going upside down! Will also be performing an act from BLOOM! Magical garden gnomes fly in the sky!

Beachside Brass

Beachside Brass is a New Orleans style band based in the Toronto beaches neighbourhood. They like to have fun with their music and encourage crowd involvement, especially dancing. So get ready to clap your hands, move your feet, and get ready to move on down to Bourbon Street!

Bella Magic
Circle Act

Bella combines playful humor with magic and comedy in this high octane family show. Her beautiful illusions will leave you bedazzled and bewildered with a child sense of wonderment. Open your minds and hearts to the wonderful world of Bella Magic!

Bex In Motion
Circle Act

Take a spin with Bex in Motion!  A show that combines comedy, acrobatics, juggling and mesmerizing hula hoop tricks.  Spontaneous dance parties and outbreaks of fun and excitement for all ages! With her quirky, light-hearted attitude and ability to involve audience members, Bex puts on a show that is sure to move you!


Busking Ballerina
Roaming Performer

Elyssa Currey, who calls herself the “busking ballerina” performs on the sidewalks in downtown Hamilton. Currey says she’s been dancing all her life and decided to bring her art to the streets.

Carlotta Carlisle
Roaming Performer

The most glamourous Queen in captivity, Carlotta Carlisle is living proof larger than life is JUST the right size!

Construction Guys
Circle Act

Awaken your inner 3-year old and join “the Guys” at the Construction site. These hard hat hustlers turn an everyday build into a high energy, physical comedy with some high flying acrobatic surprises.

Feats of strength? Choreographed dances? Lunch break?

We nail it all, because nobody likes a screw up.

Désiré Betty

Installation consists of live paintings by Désiré Betty, a Toronto based artist that has long explored the spiritual serenity that manifests itself through her artistic expression she calls “Perpetual Freedom Act.”

Circle Act

HOT POTATO!! that has nothing to do with we show we just wanted to get your attention. What happens when two out of work circus performers get their hands on some safety vests and traffic cones.

Not really sure if they are repairing, constructing or destroying? One thing is for sure, they will put on quite a show. The show will feature acrobatics, juggling, handstands and much more. 


Dylan Hennessy

Dylan is a Toronto-based artist whose obsession with a broad range of music led him down a one-man band rabbit hole. Accompanied by a whirlwind of imaginative sounds and loop stations, Dylan “makes a guitar and vocals sound like as many things as possible”. his solo shows focus on live looping arrangements in a multitude of genres, done more lively than you may expect. Never pre-recorded, always a party.

Dr. Draw & The Strange Parade

There are very few names that can promise you won’t leave their gravitational pull without undergoing some kind of transformative emotional experience, and one of those names is Dr. Draw. Impossible to ignore, this Moscow-born electric violinist is sure to knock your socks off with his rock and classical-inspired musical performance!

ET the Mime
Roaming Performer

ET the Mime has performed in theatres all over the world and even on The Comedy Network. And his Mime is a viral YouTube sensation! No matter where you encounter him at the festival, his hilarious comedy and incredible mime illusion is sure to bring laughter and fun!

Fire Guy
Circle Act

FireGuy is rolling into town with his Skateboard Circus show. 

He juggles fire in various ways on a motorized board. It’s a Skatertainment claim to Flame!


Freddie Ratkovsky

Freddie is a print and ink artist whose radical art work will be gracing the BuskerFest grounds this year! Keep your eyes peeled for their inspirational mural that will depict ‘radical optimism’ and inspire people of all ages, abilities, and experiences to create space for themselves and push change in this world. 


Hala on Stilts
Roaming Performer

Hala loves getting high HIGH on stilts and boldly clowning around being cheeky. A professional stilt-walker since 2004!

Hoop You Fire Show
Circle Act

Epic Fire, Dazzling skills, Super Fire Props! Hoop You’s all girl fire show has it all. Watch as Bex in Motion, Scarlet Black, Zola Molotov, and Stasia Fantasia take you through a journey of fire and dance using fire hula hoops, poi, staff and other unique fire props.

Roaming Performer

Look UP! Look waaaaaaay up! INCIRQUE’s high-energy, stilt characters will be roaming the BuskerFest crowds and delighting guests with selfies, spontaneous dance parties, and tons of characters! You never know what you’ll see next!

Jenny Jupiter
Roaming Performer

Combining mime and movement technique, unique and spectacular costumes, music, and a dash of clowning, Jenny Jupiter has landed in the city where she hangs her helmet, Toronto, to meet and delight the Earthlings of BuskerFest. A hilarious take on the traditional living statue, Jenny is an interactive character artist who is out of this world!

Les Vitamines
Circle Act

This colourful, high-energy duo dazzles with many acrobatic feats punctuated by improvised acts during which the public is invited to join in the fun.

A word of warning: taken in excess, their show may lead to over-dilated pupils and side-splitting aches and pains.

Les Moutons
Installation / Roaming

BAHHHH!! Reality meets fantasy in this wordless live installation! Travel to a strange and hilarious universe as CORPUS takes you through a carefully studied, surrealistic overview of sheep behaviour and takes audience interaction to new heights. We can guarantee you’ve never seen anything quite like this! 

Lisa Lottie
Circle Act

Watch Lisa Lottie ‘bend it like Barbie’ with SUPER stunts of flexibility and some of the most incredible hula hoop tricks you have ever seen! To top it all off she will perform the worlds most dangerous hula hoop stunt: balancing sky high on just one foot…expect great feelings of exhilaration and remember to scrape your jaw off of the floor ! 

Lucky Barber
Circle Act

REAL METAL, REAL SHARP! A juggling, comedy street show blending classic & modern street theatre with juggling, Cigar Box manipulation, physical comedy, and a Knife Juggling BOOTS-of-NAILS FINALE!

Magic Man
Circle Act

Magic Man is an experienced international magician, known for his versatility in the illusion field. He performs interactive, mind-shakingly, brilliant sleight of hand, spiced with pure comedy genius. From the Rolling Stones to U2, Magic Man has entertained the finest! He has represented South Africa at the Edinburgh Festival and has headlined across four continents. 

Mat Ricardo
Circle Act

Mat Ricardo, the gentleman juggler, delivers big laughs, serious skills, slapstick, and breathtaking spectacle. He presents genuine danger, dexterous elegance, and thrills, performed by a man at the top of his game.

Winner of multiple international awards, star of his own sell-out London West End show, and the first man on earth to learn to put the tablecloth back on the table – Mat will will drop your jaw and split your sides.

Max Keys

Come and vibe out to our youngest busker! 9 year old Max Keys, Toronto Maple Leaf Organ player, is a regular performer in Toronto playing at many events and a seasoned busker in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood. Max plays the piano and sings his favourite tunes! 

Max T. Oz
Roaming Performer

Sleight of hand with charm. Magic as you would see it performed a century ago in the Edwardian era. Suitable for all ages, Max delights with his relaxed style of magic with a dash of cheeky humour. 

Mister Twister

“Mr. Twister is an international award winning artist known for producing amazing balloon creations for the past 15 years. As his reputation has grown he has travelled farther and farther to entertain, amaze and delight audiences around the world!”

Mo Guzman

Mo Guzman is a self-taught singer, guitarist and percussionist with over a decade of performing experience. He began his career as a solo acoustic artist busking on the streets of downtown Toronto. His gift of raw vulnerability and soulful presentation caters to a variety of occasions. Mo’s unique and distinct vocal style encompasses a broad range of music from acoustic, alternative and classic rock, to hip hop, blues and R&B. His inter-generational repertoire ranges from the 50’s to modern day.

Old Man Flanagan's Ghost
Saturday Night In The Beer Garden

Old Man Flanagan’s Ghost have been bringing ‘Music with a Celtic Heart’ to audiences for years, featuring warm vocals and an energetic, dynamic fiddle performance. Imagine the smell of the sea, cold beer, old shipwrecks, stories of love and loss, and boisterous friends sharing a laugh and a song. Now mix it with an instrumentation that takes you on a journey east, and a feeling of being welcomed into your neighbour’s home for a kitchen party, THAT is the essence of Old Man Flanagan’s Ghost. 

Perla & Van Goth
Sunday Night In The Beer Garden

Sunday night at BuskerFest just got fabulous! Perla and Van Goth will be bringing the party to our Beer Garden stage on Sunday, September 4th at 9pm. So get there early, grab a drink, and get ready for an ICONIC drag show. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your bills to tip the queens, hunny.

Reuben DotDotDot
Circle Act

Pushing the limits beyond upside down! An acrobatic handstand stunt show with style. Bringing you more skill, thrill and overkill… Putting a hat on with his feet, balanced, precariously, perched on one hand high in the air, this show is spectacular, unforgettable, inverted, and above all: WELL BALANCED!

Rhythm Works
Circle Act

High energy drumming comedy and fun! come make some noise with the official drummers for the toronto raptors. get ready for some amazing drumming and stick tricks, great beats, and prepare to laugh and join in.  Lead by Troy Sexton a Toronto Native and former cast member of STOMP, and Alonzo moore also native to Toronto , a DJ stand up comedian and drummer. Peoples choice award winners at Halifax international busker fest 2019! 

Silver Elvis
Roaming Performer

Silver Elvis (creation of Toronto performance artist Peter Jarvis) is a robotic statue of Elvis that, not unlike Elvis, is cash activated. This Memphis mechanical metal man moves for money honey – “thank you, thank you very much”. In a world of 58,000 Elvis impersonators this is the most unique spin on Elvis you will ever witness. Don’t forget to bring your cameras!

Simon Zenker
Circle Shows & Workshops

Simon Zenker is a hilarious young performer filled with energy. He provide a family fun show filled with magic, juggling, and incredibly weird jokes and acts you’ve never seen before. His shows involve high amounts of audience engagement, and participation for adults and children alike. From juggling like a T-Rex, to turning the audience into a human piano, Simon’s odd but contagious sense of humour will leave audiences talking about his act long after the show  has ended.

Smile Group Canada
Roaming Performer

SMILE GROUP CANADA is the exclusive Performing Arts Theater for Teens and Kids that works using unique techniques of Performing Arts –BUBBLE SHOW, Juggling Show, Neon Show, Effect Show and Giant-Dolls Show. 

Smile Group represented Canada in the International Theater Festivals in Italy, in 2016, in the Czech Republic, in 2017 and in Washington DC in December 2018.  In 2018 and 2019 Smile Group performed in the Toronto International Buskerfest, Canada.

Susie Love

There is certainly no shortage of talented visual artists at BuskerFest this year! Joining our lineup of installation artists is Susie Love who will be painting en plein air (painting outdoors). Watch Susie’s artwork come to life before your very eyes!

Roaming Performer

Playing Brazilian carnival music from Northeast Brazil on stilts while dancing and roaming, Tallbeat brings drum troupes to the next level. The rolling rhythm of Maracatu gets in your bones and the dizzying of Stilters makes this show mesmerizing.

The Circus Drummer
Circle Act

When extreme drumming meets circus debauchery, you get The Circus Drummer! A native of Poland, the Circus Drummer will have you picking your jaw up off of the floor with their creative and whimsical one-of-a-kind act.

Friday Night In The Beer Garden

TRAINWRECK is a high-energy, 10-piece party band from Toronto’s East End, guaranteed to get people dancing with it’s eclectic mix of rock, pop & soul covers, and funky originals. Fronted by stage & screen actor Rick Miller, TRAINWRECK’s been rolling for the last 10 years, playing bars, festivals, private parties, fundraisers, corporate and community events. Our aim is to delight and surprise with every song we play, from ABBA to ZAPPA – a ‘wrecking’ good time! 

Tupiq A.C.T.
Circle Act

Tupiq A.C.T. is a troupe of Nunavik Inuit circus artists from the Cirqiniq social circus program. They integrate traditional Inuit culture into their performances in order to promote this rich and unknown culture. Their first time at BuskerFest, the Arctic Circus Troupe will be telling their stories through contemporary circus arts, throat singing, drum dancing, and traditional Inuit games. 

Yosl & the Yingels

Yosl & the Yingles are a Yiddish folk and swing band made up of Joseph Landau (Accordion and Vox), Gram Whitty (Bass) and Jacob Gorzhaltsan (Clarinet). The band plays all of bubby and zaidy’s favourite hits from the old world with a jazzy twist. You may not know the words but you don’t have to be fluent to move your tuches!


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“We wanted to create a unique and memorable experience that brought epilepsy out of the shadows and into the public eye; an entertainment extravaganza that supports a greater purpose in aid of people with epilepsy and their families.” Geoff Bobb, Executive Director of Epilepsy Toronto | 2022 – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.